The Central Coast Builders Association brings you an array of services to help your business.

FREE Notary Services on all Construction Documents

CCBA provides contractors with the tools needed to enhance the profitability of their companies while providing the community with the best local referral resource tools available.
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The Builder's Bulletin, a weekly newsletter
Referral services
Statewide Online Plan Services

Free Notary Services
Plan copies
Group insurance programs
Legislative advocacy
Safety Program
Safety and Industry Classes 
Prevailing Wage and Mechanics Lien training
Advertising opportunities
Special events 
Free labor law postings
Networking opportunities
Membership Directory
Industry Forms
Legislative news across the industry 

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CCBA provides you with construction forms 

Click on the pic above the name of the form and a fillable PDF will download. 

Mech Lien

Preliminary 20-day Notice (Pre-Lien)

Release of Lien

Stop Notice

Stop Payment Public Works

Stop Payment Private Works

Release Stop Payment

Conditional Release Final

Conditional Release Progress

Un-conditional Release Final

Un-conditional Release Progress

Notice of Completion